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.. (the) volume grew from a two-room memoir of Palais' early career ... to a volume spanning all fields of fiber optics, including its applications in 'archival and broadcast film and television, medicine, robotics, avionics, environmental sensing, robotics, and integrated circuits.' It is this breadth that has made the book required reading for generations of graduate students and experienced researchers. For this volume, Palais has expanded the size of the book, adding several new chapters and sections to the existing one hundred pages of text and appendices. He has also added a new chapter 'Worldwide Connectivity', explaining how fiber optic cable lengths can be expanded across the globe for a range of applications. The book also received a cover redesign, which the publisher described as 'being an integral part of the process, from the editing and proofs stages through to the delivery of a book on the market.' Palais explained that'my editing experience on this book was, indeed, an arduous and extensive experience. At the end, I felt I'd had to work hard to make the book a good representation of my own mind.' The fiber optics chapter has been updated, including major sections on Lightwave Networks, Optical Local Area Networks, New Fiber Types, Fiber Amplification and Measurement and Fiber-Optics Applications. The combined chapter on Optical Local Area Networks (OLAN) is the first to cover the most recent developments in the area. The chapter on Fiber-Based Local Area Networks (FLAN) is also the first to cover the many emerging FLAN technologies, including several new systems using novel wavelength division multiplexing. New chapters on Multimode Fiber and Multimode Cable Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) cover these topics in more depth than previous editions. The chapter on Optical Amplifiers has been completely revised to give a more complete account of fiber amplifiers and wavelength division multiplexing. The chapter on Communications Circuits now includes an in-depth discussion of microwave and millimeter-wave circuits, and the application of fiber optics to these markets is covered in the chapter on Microwave and Millimeter-Wave Systems. The chapter on Fiber Optics and Integrated Circuits has been expanded to include discussion of applications in integrated circuits such as'silicon photonics' and 'waveguide-based lasers.' The chapter on Optical Fiber Sensors covers the principles of and recent advances in the technology, including the detection of atmospheric pollutants, chemical vapours, and the

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